August 2, 2010

Birthday Fever

Yay!!!another milestone! Another year in the life of me!!!

I have been so happy!!! And it isn't just about today!!!

Lately, i have just felt so good about everything. Even when i get sad and or am upset about somethings. Even when i go to bed crying feeling things aren't quite right. I always wake up feeling better.

It wasn't always like this. There was once a time when every birthday brought tears and regrets and wishes on doing it all over again. Not last year though!!!

Last year was amazing. I got another chance at love. I learnt so very much about so many things. I made so many mistakes and got a chance to correct them. Some i did correct. Some i shrugged and moved on. I learnt that not all mistakes are meant to be corrected. Most of all, i lived.

I couldn't have done that without too many amazing people that i dare not mention for fear i might miss one name out and commit an unforgivable slight. You guys know who you are and you know that despite my plenty plenty nonsense, my moods, my temper, my bothersome and quarrelsome ways...i love you!!! You are God's gift to me, a constant reminder that He loves me.

I am trying to think of the perfect song for today. something that will capture all that this year has been and my hopes for the new year. Several come to mind but none rivals Sunday Morning.

Thank you God. There is no me without You...
Thank you Baby for being the first to call as always and for loving me truly, madly, deeply..
Thank you Dols for being late.
Thank you my beautiful brothers.
Thank you Dad-still your lil' gal.
Thank you my wonderful work-place-you guys rock absolutely
Thank you my friends-you make me better
Thank you Mama-Iyawo mi, ore mi, Arewa, Adun...Your gal can rock Yoruba anytime :)

Love, love, love

And since its my birthday i get to have two songs...

Song of the day: Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
September-Kirk Franklin