June 28, 2011


So i met Asa yesterday and i cannot stop talking/thinking about it...

Take all the wonderful things that you think she is and multiply by 10...

Everything good will come...when they get here, do not stop expecting. The Source never runs dry.

P.S I cannot get Asa's Iba out of my head...especially these words 'Nitori re mo se lola...' 
Do not kid yourself, there is no you, no me, without Him.That is all.

Song of the day: Asa-Iba

June 17, 2011

And the man died...

Its raining cats and dogs and then some in Lagos today. Its only fitting.

I walked the same hallways with greatness for the past two years.
I ate with him.
Caught his eye a couple of times.
Smiled back at him at least once.
Presented a case before him twice.
Was at the brunt of his anger once
Enjoyed his generosity...still
Laughed at his jokes tens of times

I lived with greatness for so long that I mistook it for normal.

The sky can't seem to stop weeping.
It is only fitting that it mourns

You belong with the ages now.
Rest well, true greatness

Tayo Aderinokun (1955-2011)

June 7, 2011


My kinsman,
Of the tribe of greatness.
How could you have forgotten
Of the stories of long ago?
Tales of our fathers-strong and brave,
Odes to our mothers-graceful and proud,
Songs of our warriors-fierce and unbeatable,
The praise of our young maidens-beautiful and virtuous

You fell asleep in my arms,
Your tears wet my clothes,
Your sadness and defeat soaked my heart

How could u have forgotten the child of whom you are
When even your name evokes victory in battle?



I will remind you.
I will retell the tales of our fathers.
The odes to our mothers.
The Oriki of our people.
And you will remember, by God, you will remember, 
That you embody the hopes of a nation,
The pride of a people,
The conquests of the past,
The victories of the future.
You will remember that you are my hero.
So shed your last tears,
Staunch your bleeding heart,
Face your destiny.
Song of the day:Phil Collins- True Colors 

June 6, 2011


How on earth did i forget to blog about May the 28th??? There were tears in my eyes when Villa scored...sigh

That face on Xavi sums it all up...

Worthy champions of Europe...AGAIN!!!

I love my team!!! Enough said!!!

Song of the day: Right Said Fred- Stand up

June 1, 2011

It's June

It's June!!!

Ok so am sure y'all don't need reminders but still...it is June.

There are few months i love better than August, my birth month. June will be one of those. I think its the rain. I love it when it rains. No matter how badly Victoria island gets flooded, I cant help the feeling of elation. 

M resigned. We have drifted apart these past few months. I had no idea what was going  on in his life. Truth be told, i doubt i ever had any idea. He left without telling us (his class). He left without saying goodbye. Now i wish i can tried harder.

Yes yes, i know he is very much alive and i can try and smoke him out wherever he is but i just get this feeling that i failed. I wish i was a better friend. I might call him up today but i fear pride might get in the way and i wont. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I miss my 'frenemy'.

Asides that, it's June and i am happy. Happier than i have been in a long time. I am writing again. I am learning to let go and let the words out. So what if no one understands or likes them. I like them and i understand and that's enough. I do not understand the Lion and the Jewel but i hear its literary genius. Besides its Wole, i cant argue with that.

I am becoming a better person. My temper is slowly becoming a thing of the past- please God. My impatience...lets close the curtain of charity here, shall we?

I know my blog isn't supposed to be  a personal one but i couldn't resist. It's June after all and i miss M's smile.

Song of day: Jason Mraz-Butterfly.