June 7, 2011


My kinsman,
Of the tribe of greatness.
How could you have forgotten
Of the stories of long ago?
Tales of our fathers-strong and brave,
Odes to our mothers-graceful and proud,
Songs of our warriors-fierce and unbeatable,
The praise of our young maidens-beautiful and virtuous

You fell asleep in my arms,
Your tears wet my clothes,
Your sadness and defeat soaked my heart

How could u have forgotten the child of whom you are
When even your name evokes victory in battle?



I will remind you.
I will retell the tales of our fathers.
The odes to our mothers.
The Oriki of our people.
And you will remember, by God, you will remember, 
That you embody the hopes of a nation,
The pride of a people,
The conquests of the past,
The victories of the future.
You will remember that you are my hero.
So shed your last tears,
Staunch your bleeding heart,
Face your destiny.
Song of the day:Phil Collins- True Colors