April 29, 2012

He smells like rain

I try not to post more than 4 times a month...But this month has been good. I can't say anything in particular happened but you know when you are in this state where you are 'almost' content? So that's where i have been. I still want so damned much from life (the twins, money, a trip to the pyramids, to love God more, to meet The One...) but i really can't complain. I have been blessed and if i say otherwise then i don't deserve more.

Anyway so i wrote the stuff below... I like to think that someday I will feel this way about someone (Please God). Till then, this for you all that know how it feels to feel this way. Goodbye April, it's been a blast.

He smells like rain and Cairo after dark

He smiles and the Zebras in the Zambezi lose their stripes

He reaches out his hand
and the walls of my heart;
those brick walls with foundations deeper than wells dug in the Sahara
yes, those walls,
crumble to nothingness...

An old man once told me:
'You find what you seek'
I sought heaven, I found an angel

Song of the day: Britt Nicole- The sun is rising

April 21, 2012

Yam and Fish Pepper Soup

He speaks about her in present tense; like the present still holds her presence and there is a future somewhere with her in it. I want to yell at him. I want to shake it out of him. I want to scream at him until his ears are bleeding and the tears he is yet to shed finally begin to fall.

But I listen instead. I listen to his love for her that will be forever present in the timbre of his voice. I listen and sometimes I lay my head against his chest. Other times, I hold his hand and let him talk about a dead woman as if she were still in the room with us.

‘Nnam. What will you have for dinner?’ I ask him to break his unworldly stare
‘Ada, stop fussing. I am a grown man and will let you know if I am hungry.” He says smiling at me.
I smile back.
'You have your mother’s eyes. She always says how she can’t wait to carry your children on her back. You must be sure to bring a man home soon.’ He says winking at me.

I squeeze his hand a little tighter and join him in his blank stare. Maybe if I sit still long enough, I wil see beyond the cold mud grave that sits in front of our home. Maybe if I follow my father’s stare, together we will summon life back into the woman that was our soul, our heart, our present.

She comes to me later that night. I open my eyes and there she stands, as beautiful as the last time I saw her. It was at the bus park as I boarded the bus that would take me into the future. A future we had dreamed of together. A future beyond the borders of the village and into the realms of learning. A future she had left me to face alone. 

‘I miss you Nne’m’ I whisper.

She points in direction of my father’s room and shakes her head. I wake up and run to the room; my footsteps muted by the mud floor. He stands in the middle of the room, a rope in his hand and a goodbye in his eyes. He stands broken and lost. He stands in the past.

‘Nnam’ I scream and run to him.
‘You want to leave me too, eh Nnam? You want to leave me? For whom? For what? If you go, then I go too. If you want to kill yourself, kill me first!’ I yell at my father.

The rope falls from his hand and he clutches me instead. We stay like that till dawn breaks, my head on his chest and his tears receding with every stream of light that filters into the room.

‘Ada.’ He calls to me.
‘Nnam’ I answer.
‘Yam and fish pepper soup sounds good.’

The present begins.

Song of the day: Asa- So Beautiful

April 15, 2012

The Writer and Tomorrow...

The good news is 'We' won...

The bad news is if anyone else asks me 'what next?' Y'all will see my face on tonight's news for having beat someone to a pulp! 

I entered the competition without thinking...as i do most things in life.  
I will carry on with life without thinking too much as well...
Maybe I will publish a book someday.
Maybe I won't. 
Maybe I will become a renowned writer
Maybe I won't
That was never the point. That will never be the point. 

The point was to tell stories; in a book, on this blog, with my lips, on paper towels...

Live in the now people; tomorrow is out of our hands, our fingers and my pen!
In the now, I am The Writer and deeply humbled. 

'Take therefore no thought for tomorrow... Sufficient unto today is the evil thereof.'

Song of the day: Maxwell - For Lovers only


I stood at the precipice
I made it to the end of the world
I sighed and breathed deeply
I marveled
I laughed and let the birds soar on my smile
I danced on the edge
Death starred me in the face 
And i danced in its face

I had made it to the end of the world
There was nothing left to achieve
I was ready to fall into the waiting arms of death
Thousands of miles below awaited me

'Baby!' A voice called
'Who are you?' I asked
'Your king' He said
I can't wait to see you' I smiled
It isn't time' He answered
'But i am at the precipice
There is nothing behind me 
Nothing ahead of me
There is nowhere left to go but down' I told Him
It isn't time.' He said again
'But i am at the end of the world.' I argued
'I made the world without an end.' My king whispered
'So where is this place that i stand?' 
'My shoulders.'

There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun, 
Who rideth upon the heaven in thy help, 
And in his excellency on the sky.

No matter how bad it gets, don't you dare fall, don't you dare let go, don't you dare give up; He is closer than you think. 

#Suicide is not an option

Song of the day: Jason Mraz-93 Million Miles

April 3, 2012

My Name is in Print!!!

Look what came in the mail... 

So I started writing stories a couple of years ago and i joined the Naija Stories just to get them out there. And of course meet other fledgling writers. That was before i had a blog. Anyway, the people at Naija Stories deemed it fit to include one of my stories in an anthology and voila...the book you are looking at in the picture above is it.

I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity. I cringe when i read my one age story but i am very proud to see my name in print. hopefully this is a sign of better things to come in my career as a writer....'cough, cough'.

Anyways, please visit here and there to buy a copy and support the amazing writers in Nigeria. I have moved but i am still Nigerian so support me too. :)

Thank you Myne and NJS. Keep up the amazing work.

Song of the day: Colbie Caliat- Bubbly

April 1, 2012


I meant to say i love you
But i poured hot coffee down your dress instead
I meant to kiss your lips 
But the room became stuffy and i sneezed against them instead
I meant to tell you that you are the best thing in my life 
But i stepped on your foot while dancing instead

I will make it right someday
But for now, I am content to bind the wounds i have caused
One sore toe at a time... 

I am still writing disjointed poems....they come to me at night while i am half way between this world and the land of my dreams. I love my disjointed poems-if they fail to make sense to you, i do not apologize! Their only audience is me really. If they make sense to you, we might be soul sisters (if you are a man, you might be my soul brother....hehehe)

It is April and God has not changed since last April. He is good, He is merciful, He is perfect, He is awesome....still. The cherry blossoms are making an appearance, the warmth has returned to my heart...I am beautiful but only because He is.

Yay April!

Song of the day: Omawumi ft Flavor- Bottom Belle (if you haven't heard this song, spring has not started for you.)