February 28, 2012

Bras and other stories

There is nothing like a good bra.

Support, inspiration, sexy, close to your heart...

I recently indulged in a Soma bra. If you know Soma, you know they are crazy priced but i am discovering that maybe they are worth it. 
There are enough disappointments in life. A bra should not be one of them. I am in class and bored out of my mind. My Soma Bra keeps me inspired and awake.

That said...my muse is enslaved by  The Writer Competition. Please visit the link if you have missed her stories. Oh and please vote for her as well. 

Here is to March and no Ides!

P.S As another birthday approaches, think Soma for Kiah!

February 16, 2012

This Love

This Love,
buried deep underneath moss, dust and slime;
despair, sadness and time;
and the  broken pieces of our hearts...

This Love,
clawed its way through it all.
Broken pieces came together.
Despair, sadness and time dissappeared in the face of will.
Moss, dust and slime turned out to be nothing more than glue for the pieces.

I woke up this morning and found you watching me.
I looked in your eyes and where i used to see pain, there was This Love.

It had to be you...

Song of the day: Maxwell- For lovers only

February 12, 2012

The Real Kiah

So on this post, y'all finally get to see what i look like...

Drum Roll...

The best things are and should remain mysteries...i belong to that category :))

Song of the day: Adele- Hometown Glory

February 5, 2012

The Writer Competition


So in December, yours truly, Kiah dearest, entered an online writing competition on a whim. I never for once thought i would be selected with all the amazing and mind blowing talent we have in Nigeria! But i was shortlisted and here we are. 

That's right! My stories are going to be posted on http://www.thenakedconvos.com/ for the world to read and critic. My stomach turns at the prospect but this is where i am at. My people, please be sure to visit the above mentioned website. Read the stories,; laugh, smile, cringe and vote here https://twitter.com/#!/TheNakedConvos for whomever you think deserves it. Y'all had better be thinking i deserve it oh!!! 

That being said i am off to watch the Super Bowl. I have no favorites here and will be laughing with the winners and crying with the losers tonight.Lets go Patriots! Lets go Giants!

Have a great week people.

Song of the day: Lighthouse Family- High