February 28, 2012

Bras and other stories

There is nothing like a good bra.

Support, inspiration, sexy, close to your heart...

I recently indulged in a Soma bra. If you know Soma, you know they are crazy priced but i am discovering that maybe they are worth it. 
There are enough disappointments in life. A bra should not be one of them. I am in class and bored out of my mind. My Soma Bra keeps me inspired and awake.

That said...my muse is enslaved by  The Writer Competition. Please visit the link if you have missed her stories. Oh and please vote for her as well. 

Here is to March and no Ides!

P.S As another birthday approaches, think Soma for Kiah!


  1. Lol @ singlenigerian.

    "My Soma Bra keeps me inspired and awake." - ehehn???? Is that so? This bra na waya o. *now googling*