March 9, 2012

Twins and other cravings

Spring Break is almost over. It swept by in such a  hurry; rather like life. 

Today i caught myself thinking about the past and reliving unhappy memories. I wish there was an eraser that was available to everyone; one that would wipe out those kind of memories. Alzheimer is to heavy duty. I want something that lets me chose what to remember.

I want to have twins. I do not even have a husband but every time i pray, i ask God for twins. I am definitely the definition of faith. There is a Marshall's 7 mins away from me. I go there to ogle designer baby wear. Sigh...soon,  Kiah, soon. All potential handsome baby daddies with twins in their family line, i am accepting applications! Lest i forget, please be smart too. I need them twins to have great genes.

School sucks and i am weary already. I can't wait to be done and have those babies and make money. The boyfriend says i need to find nicer vocabulary for 'making money'. He says i sound cold when i say i want to make money. I need to sound nice when it comes to making money??? God help me and this man!

The writer's competition is still on and i am even wearier of that. Please VOTE weekly for your darling Kiah so she can at least win $500 and go on a Soma shopping spree. 

May March bring you joy in triples... Be happy.

Song of the day: Bob Marley-Three little Birds


  1. Voting for you every week! There's some really good feedback in the comments people leave. Hope it's been a great experience for you so far. Praying you win!!! Lol.

    I think I want twins too... identical preferrably. Non-identical twins aren't fun, unless they're opposite sexes.

    I don't envy you and your school woes. I definitely don't look forward to rejoining that force. Are you on spring break yet? Btw, what are you studying in school? Noticed on TNC you mentioned you used to work in Finance and left b/c it was no longer fulfilling. I work in Finance!! (Haven't left yet but dangerously close to)

    1. awww...thank you maam...pls keep the votes coming..truth be told i have a crush on the Preying Mantis fellow...his commesnt are so baaadddd!!! lol

      spring break is over and done i cant wait for the summer!

  2. I'm cheering for you.
    Your boyfriend makes me smile.

  3. My prayer everyday! To have twins, however they come....I accept applications too for all the potential Twins gene carrying husbands :)
    Your poems are out of this world! Keep the good work on! And congrats on ur #thewriter prize and honor!