March 30, 2011


I lost my faith by the waters of peace
For of what use was faith when all was well
I had no use for it and it had no use for me.

I found faith again by the plains of Uz
Near the skeletons of my peace
The waters were gone,
Only desert plains and affliction remained

Faith came to me as a child
She was bald with tufts of diseased hair
Small head, enormous belly
Decaying milk teeth,
Reminiscent of malnourished children in Northern Africa
She walked towards me with a limp and a cup of precious water
She kissed my brow;
And with a smile that held a promise,
She whispered in my ear
'Your Faith will make u whole
And you will make your Faith whole'

She took my hand and we walked towards the oasis
Her teeth healed as my burdens fell off
Her limp disappeared as laughter found my mouth.
As we neared the wells of Elim,
She blossomed into Wisdom

'She is more precious than rubies;
and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared to her'

Faith needed me as much as I needed her.

Song of the day: Boyzone- You needed me

March 22, 2011

Love and its hiding places

They tried to get me to redesign. To change the wall papers that screamed silently of the passion we shared; 
Give away the curtains we played hide and seek with;
Have a yard sale for the dining table where we laughed, shared meals, made love... 
I told them that while they are at it,they might as well transplant the spot beneath my breast
I left everything the way it was.
She came home one rainy night
I couldn't tell her tears from the raindrops that fell from her hair.
I met her by the door and held her till my clothes were as soaked as hers were

I carried her just in case she changed her mind. Toweled her dry while kissing every inch of her skin. She pointed to the spot beneath her breast and said to me with eyes full of tears 'It doesn't hurt anymore' 
I held her a little tighter.

I watched her breathe all night and envied the air that she breathed. I wished I could to enter her body at will like it did. I would seek out the spot beneath her breast and no respiration process would ever dislodge me from where I call home.

I made her breakfast and kissed her hair as she laughed over my soggy eggs. She teased me about how nothing in the house had changed. I told her I dreamed she would be back. I did not want her feeling strange among things that had changed. Everything was the way she left it. She looked at me, pointed to the spot beneath my breast and said 'So long as It doesn't feel strange there, then its fine'.

I wept all over again, unable to believe the miracle that had led her home. This time she held me. 

We had a yard sale the next weekend! 
Song of the day: The Script - If you ever come back 

March 14, 2011


We crossed the desert
Sailed the seas
Rode the constellations
Cruised the milky way
Why was it the minute pond that felled us?
Why was it that splash of water,
that stretch of stillness created by our mistakes
that drowned us?

Who would have thought,
that something no bigger than our bath tub
had so much depth that we would never be able to get past it?
We drowned in that puddle
I came up for air and you were a stranger
Who would have thought?

Like princesses and peas
Like pins in haystacks
Like the flowers you used to send me
Like the words ' I love you'
Its always in the little things...

March 9, 2011


Messi was pure magic yesterday...Mascherano, blameless...Xavi and Iniesta, heavenly... all Arsenal players played horribly...all in all, i am having a great day!!!

Aside that, enemies wanted to break my baby's leg!!! mschewwww...

March 7, 2011

Daddy's little girl

I think i am trying to make up for February and the three dry blog posts i could come up with all month long. I am on a roll this March. March is one of my favorite months. I like the numbers 3 & 8 a lot.

Its Baba Lola's birthday today. i am at work and i wish i were rich enough not to work for anyone. i would throw my father the biggest birthday bash there is. Ok, i would at the very least take him out. Somewhere nice where he can forget all about work and his patients and Nigeria.

I love my father. Whats not to love? He is the watered down, kinder version of me. We have had our issues but men, that man has been there for me all my life. He has let me down a few but that's okay too. He is human after all. i remember how as a child, i wanted a doll that could talk and walk. We walked Agboju market together looking for that doll. When we couldn't find, we drove to Sura.
I see gray mixed up in his full head of black hair and i almost want to cry. Baba Lola is growing old and soon it will be my turn to be there for him. I hope i do not let him down. I hope that i am willing to go all the way to sura and beyond to make him happy.

Happy birthday Baba Lola. There is so much i want to say but i hope these words say it all

'Thank you'.

Song of the day: The Redeemed Christain Church of God Choir: Iwo Nikan

March 3, 2011


Nepa took the light while I was dressing for work again this morning. I had to fumble my way to my drawers and search for my lighter. Using its feeble light, I traced my way to a candle. I buy a pack every three months. I am not sure what I would do without my trusty candles.
The candle came on and I dressed thinking about how much difference its little flame made. I think of all the mishaps that could go wrong and many times do if I didn't have a candle. Wearing my skirt backwards. Wearing my clothes inside out. Spraying on my brother's perfume. Stepping on my new Prada shades that fell to the floor while I searched for the lighter. Forgetting to take off my hair net as I leave the house. Carrying two different shoes to work and ending up at one of those ridiculous boutiques in VI paying for a complete pair for an equally ridiculous amount.
The list goes on ...its like life really...darkness will always come but you can chose to live in it or fight it with everything you got. I hear so much bad news all the time that its easy to let myself be enveloped by a darkness that is man made. I see Gaddafi murder and maim over the TV. I look across my street and watch a child search the garage for clothes. I watch handsome young men run after cars like the wind in a bid to sell their wares and make enough to buy an evening meal. Darkness is everywhere around us, sometimes it is even in us...
Many spend too much time adjusting to the darkness, soon its hard to forget there is any other  way to be... We wait and pray for NEPA to be merciful and turn on their lights. We envy our neighbors that are able to buy generators or inverters. We pine and waste away instead of getting candles or lamps and lighting up our lives. Its the same way we put off telling that Senator we see everyday how everyone knows he is a thief. Its how i avert my eyes when i see young children begging . Its throwing away food when so many go to bed hungry. Its always in the little things.
Life might arm you with only matches or stones but don't let start stop you. Strike a match, scratch those stones together, flick those lighters, open the curtains...whatever you do, don't stay too long in the dark.
You have a choice. Choose to burn and let it shine through your pore...

Song of the day: Elton John - Candle in the wind