March 7, 2011

Daddy's little girl

I think i am trying to make up for February and the three dry blog posts i could come up with all month long. I am on a roll this March. March is one of my favorite months. I like the numbers 3 & 8 a lot.

Its Baba Lola's birthday today. i am at work and i wish i were rich enough not to work for anyone. i would throw my father the biggest birthday bash there is. Ok, i would at the very least take him out. Somewhere nice where he can forget all about work and his patients and Nigeria.

I love my father. Whats not to love? He is the watered down, kinder version of me. We have had our issues but men, that man has been there for me all my life. He has let me down a few but that's okay too. He is human after all. i remember how as a child, i wanted a doll that could talk and walk. We walked Agboju market together looking for that doll. When we couldn't find, we drove to Sura.
I see gray mixed up in his full head of black hair and i almost want to cry. Baba Lola is growing old and soon it will be my turn to be there for him. I hope i do not let him down. I hope that i am willing to go all the way to sura and beyond to make him happy.

Happy birthday Baba Lola. There is so much i want to say but i hope these words say it all

'Thank you'.

Song of the day: The Redeemed Christain Church of God Choir: Iwo Nikan


  1. Happy Birthday Baba Lola,
    Though my friend is sometimes … (well, let’s leave that out); anyways, Sir you did a fine job raising my friend and she tells me you are the best dad there is, which means you come second to my own dad (whom Lola does not know).
    Have a swell day sir and let those gray hairs gray in peace love and prosperity. We will sing another toast on this day next year and the years thereafter.

  2. Here's to Baba Lola...a dad among dads!