April 29, 2011

Happy Endings...Beginnings

So lets talk weddings...in fact lets follow the rest of the world and talk about Kate and William's wedding!!

Absolutely not!!!

Jos is burning, Kaduna is slowly recovering from the evil recently unleashed on it, floods have visited Alabama and hundreds are dead already, Japan is still struggling to understand the recent occurrences...

When i can discuss that, i will discuss a group of people whom i might never meet and who might never inspire me or me, them. Till then...

Still...may their ending be as pleasant as their beginning!!!

April 28, 2011

Art and its Artist

So i have been debating within myself on whether or not to continue discussing my life on this not so private blog.

I started this blog to create a wider audience for my work... I am not a writer...i am just able to express myself with words better than most people can. Somewhere along the line,  i lost track of that purpose and began rambling about my not-so-interesting life. I apologize to the many i have bored to hell and back.

Lets keep it simple from here on...

I will blog about life but not it will not all be about me. I will express my many emotions here but i will try as much as possible to save y'all the mundane aspects of my life. There will be times i remind you that i am only human but i give you my word that those times will be few and far between.

I will try my hardest to give you the best of my poetry, my prose, my ideas, my humor... For those that love this day to day moaning of mine, i doubt you will miss much...its hard to separate the Art from the Artist. There is something for everyone here..and that sentence really sums me up...the girl for everyone :).
To new beginnings...

Song of the day: Prince(that was his name when he sang this one so it will do)- Diamonds and Pearls

April 19, 2011

Everything good will come

Where do i start from?

This week has been absolutely awesome...i got amazing news about school and B is home on Thursday by His grace. Notice how i am adding 'by His grace'. I am so scared that it will not happen. I have thought up a million things that could go wrong but if i don't worry then Kiah dearest will not feel complete. I need to cover the bases with my fears.

48 hours more...it doesn't get any better than this.

P.S Song of the day- UB40- Many rivers to cross.

April 18, 2011

Take a bow, Nigeria.

I can't cry. I wish i could. 

The city i once called home burns and we helplessly watch. When will this madness stop? When will Nigerians be at peace with one another? 

Maybe its time to let go. Maybe the pessimists were right. Maybe we will never be able to accept each other and see beyond our differences. Maybe its time to bury this dream called Nigeria. I don't know. All i know is i am tired of clowns, children and Almajiris fighting my war.

P.s Song of the day: The Pulse-Pray Sotey

April 13, 2011

Bucket List

So i have nothing to write. Hence updating my bucket list...You know how it is...

Muse, please come back!!!

Deep breath...Here goes...
  1. Go to Tanzania with the man i love and just stare at the Kilimanjaro. I am not interested in climbing. I just want to take it all in with my best friend standing next to me. Awesome God.
  2. Go skinny dipping in the ocean. Hmmm that will be the day. :D
  3. Relearn how to ride a bike
  4. Meet at least one world leader and make him/her laugh.
  5. Email Prince William and tell him how i have loved him from the very beginning and how I will never forgive him for choosing Kate over me. Oh well, maybe if he introduces me to Harry.
  6. Go to my hometown...For now sha, i come from Lagos. That is my story and i am sticking with it.
  7. Dye my hair maroon
  8. Cut my hair
  9. Go on vacation with my grandchildren-give them something to think about when i am no longer here.
  10. Visit Jerusalem...i want to place my feet exactly where His feet walked.
  11.  Learn how to knit or crotchet or whatever so i am not completely useless in my old age.
  12. Write a book, maybe two.
  13. Read the Bible back to back (please God)
  14. Read all of John Irving's books
  15. Get an MBA (In the process)
  16. Go to a live concert of Cold Play's. Heaven on earth...
  17. Set up a foundation for my Mama.
  18. Go to the opera and just let the music wash over me. 
  19. Give a whole lot of my money to a good cause. Hopefully something that has to do with kids.
  20. Own my own business
  21. Call Foluke and Tosin up someday...just to say hello. I refuse to dislike people forever.
  22. Get married for the second time...to the same person i married for the first time.
  23. Live on the beach..even if its only for a week. As if living in Lekki is not enough trauma...
  24. Take my father out to lunch or dinner...just something special where it is just me and him ...and tell him how very much i love him and how there could be no better father for me.
  25. Go on vacation with my girl(s)-Taha, Dolly.... 
  26. See Naples...
  27. Sing before a live audience...and i don't mean karaoke or church!!! 
  28. Make Time's list of 100 most influential people or the CNN heroes list...
I was gonna copy the movie and add 'Do something nice for a stranger'...but i guess number 14 is close enough!!!

April 11, 2011

Life Happens...with our blessing

It is the 11th of April and i haven't written anything in the past eleven days...well at least not here. No, i am not losing my love for blogging...my muse is just having a long nap. She is in a state this month and nothing seems to be able to stir up her creative juices. 

I miss her-my muse- but i will live.

Two more weeks and he will be home. Enough said. Its no wonder my muse is bored, he is all that is in my head.

My cousin is getting a divorce. Ok well we are more like distant relatives but i am closer to his family than most my real cousins. He told me over the weekend and it scared the hell outta me. I remember telling him a few years back not to get married. He ignored me and many others. But that isn't the point. The point, the most important point is that there are three little children in the equation now and i feel like those words i spoke back in the day are the reason why their lives will never be the same. I know its stupid but i can't help it. i feel guilty. Maybe if i had kept my big mouth shut they would have swerved this pothole and made it through together. I wish i could help but i am wiser now and the mouth that spewed so much advice way back then is suddenly speechless. Divorce is a whole lot more than signing the damned papers and i cannot help but wonder about me and B.

School is almost here. I have heard so much about how important it is to aim for the ivy league schools and etcetra. While i have the greatest respect for the top schools, i will be the woman they will wish went to their school and not the other way round. And that is that!

Life is beautiful...God's love-my rose colored glasses.

This is just an update...i will try better next time.

Song of the day: Adele- Right as Rain