April 28, 2011

Art and its Artist

So i have been debating within myself on whether or not to continue discussing my life on this not so private blog.

I started this blog to create a wider audience for my work... I am not a writer...i am just able to express myself with words better than most people can. Somewhere along the line,  i lost track of that purpose and began rambling about my not-so-interesting life. I apologize to the many i have bored to hell and back.

Lets keep it simple from here on...

I will blog about life but not it will not all be about me. I will express my many emotions here but i will try as much as possible to save y'all the mundane aspects of my life. There will be times i remind you that i am only human but i give you my word that those times will be few and far between.

I will try my hardest to give you the best of my poetry, my prose, my ideas, my humor... For those that love this day to day moaning of mine, i doubt you will miss much...its hard to separate the Art from the Artist. There is something for everyone here..and that sentence really sums me up...the girl for everyone :).
To new beginnings...

Song of the day: Prince(that was his name when he sang this one so it will do)- Diamonds and Pearls


  1. Hmmm... It's good to always do a check of purpose often. I am with you on this because I do not feel it's a wrong decision.

    Blessings to you, Kiah.

    - LDP