April 1, 2012


I meant to say i love you
But i poured hot coffee down your dress instead
I meant to kiss your lips 
But the room became stuffy and i sneezed against them instead
I meant to tell you that you are the best thing in my life 
But i stepped on your foot while dancing instead

I will make it right someday
But for now, I am content to bind the wounds i have caused
One sore toe at a time... 

I am still writing disjointed poems....they come to me at night while i am half way between this world and the land of my dreams. I love my disjointed poems-if they fail to make sense to you, i do not apologize! Their only audience is me really. If they make sense to you, we might be soul sisters (if you are a man, you might be my soul brother....hehehe)

It is April and God has not changed since last April. He is good, He is merciful, He is perfect, He is awesome....still. The cherry blossoms are making an appearance, the warmth has returned to my heart...I am beautiful but only because He is.

Yay April!

Song of the day: Omawumi ft Flavor- Bottom Belle (if you haven't heard this song, spring has not started for you.) 


  1. "I am beautiful, but only because He is." Love it!!!

  2. some of my best poems have come to me late at night when it's seem like i might be the only person not sleeping so i know how that goes