April 15, 2012


I stood at the precipice
I made it to the end of the world
I sighed and breathed deeply
I marveled
I laughed and let the birds soar on my smile
I danced on the edge
Death starred me in the face 
And i danced in its face

I had made it to the end of the world
There was nothing left to achieve
I was ready to fall into the waiting arms of death
Thousands of miles below awaited me

'Baby!' A voice called
'Who are you?' I asked
'Your king' He said
I can't wait to see you' I smiled
It isn't time' He answered
'But i am at the precipice
There is nothing behind me 
Nothing ahead of me
There is nowhere left to go but down' I told Him
It isn't time.' He said again
'But i am at the end of the world.' I argued
'I made the world without an end.' My king whispered
'So where is this place that i stand?' 
'My shoulders.'

There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun, 
Who rideth upon the heaven in thy help, 
And in his excellency on the sky.

No matter how bad it gets, don't you dare fall, don't you dare let go, don't you dare give up; He is closer than you think. 

#Suicide is not an option

Song of the day: Jason Mraz-93 Million Miles

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  1. Didn't know you wrote poems.

    Really like the message behind this.