April 29, 2012

He smells like rain

I try not to post more than 4 times a month...But this month has been good. I can't say anything in particular happened but you know when you are in this state where you are 'almost' content? So that's where i have been. I still want so damned much from life (the twins, money, a trip to the pyramids, to love God more, to meet The One...) but i really can't complain. I have been blessed and if i say otherwise then i don't deserve more.

Anyway so i wrote the stuff below... I like to think that someday I will feel this way about someone (Please God). Till then, this for you all that know how it feels to feel this way. Goodbye April, it's been a blast.

He smells like rain and Cairo after dark

He smiles and the Zebras in the Zambezi lose their stripes

He reaches out his hand
and the walls of my heart;
those brick walls with foundations deeper than wells dug in the Sahara
yes, those walls,
crumble to nothingness...

An old man once told me:
'You find what you seek'
I sought heaven, I found an angel

Song of the day: Britt Nicole- The sun is rising


  1. Ahahn. Zebras in the Zambezi ke? Well damn. I need that love. Lol

    "Almost" content is good. Hope it lasts :)

    1. nope...i hope it gets better...'almost content' isnt a very good place to be all the time you know...

      i need that love too...