June 1, 2011

It's June

It's June!!!

Ok so am sure y'all don't need reminders but still...it is June.

There are few months i love better than August, my birth month. June will be one of those. I think its the rain. I love it when it rains. No matter how badly Victoria island gets flooded, I cant help the feeling of elation. 

M resigned. We have drifted apart these past few months. I had no idea what was going  on in his life. Truth be told, i doubt i ever had any idea. He left without telling us (his class). He left without saying goodbye. Now i wish i can tried harder.

Yes yes, i know he is very much alive and i can try and smoke him out wherever he is but i just get this feeling that i failed. I wish i was a better friend. I might call him up today but i fear pride might get in the way and i wont. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I miss my 'frenemy'.

Asides that, it's June and i am happy. Happier than i have been in a long time. I am writing again. I am learning to let go and let the words out. So what if no one understands or likes them. I like them and i understand and that's enough. I do not understand the Lion and the Jewel but i hear its literary genius. Besides its Wole, i cant argue with that.

I am becoming a better person. My temper is slowly becoming a thing of the past- please God. My impatience...lets close the curtain of charity here, shall we?

I know my blog isn't supposed to be  a personal one but i couldn't resist. It's June after all and i miss M's smile.

Song of day: Jason Mraz-Butterfly.


  1. awww...thanks love...how have you been?

  2. Nicely penned thoughts there...there are few months i love better than August..It's June after all and i miss M's smile....Luvs!
    Nice to meet you stranger. Funny I haven't been around here b4!

  3. @T.Notes...i am honored to meet you as well. i love your blog by the way!!!