June 28, 2011


So i met Asa yesterday and i cannot stop talking/thinking about it...

Take all the wonderful things that you think she is and multiply by 10...

Everything good will come...when they get here, do not stop expecting. The Source never runs dry.

P.S I cannot get Asa's Iba out of my head...especially these words 'Nitori re mo se lola...' 
Do not kid yourself, there is no you, no me, without Him.That is all.

Song of the day: Asa-Iba


  1. Hmm.. must have been a great moment for you. I can picture it from the way you've described it. I like the way she sings and the 'rawness' in her lyrics too. Wish I'd meet her someday too...
    Thanks for the birthday wish :) God bless you.

    - LDP

  2. You are very welcome and AMEN!

  3. Pretty cool. Good you got pictures to remember it by :)

    You should check out the Language Challenge that's going on. You can find the link at my page. I tried my luck...don't make fun...
    Take care.