July 7, 2011

Language challenge

There is something powerful about prayers said in your mother tongue. I am a Yoruba girl. i cannot enthuse enough about my language. i don't care how far away from home i go, i will never forget my language.

Back when i lived in Zaria, my aunt would wake us up at 7am for prayers. she always prayed in Yoruba. Back then, i could barely string two Yoruba words together without everyone falling down laughing. I am a fast learner though. Today, people still laugh at my Yoruba but not as hard as they used to. 

When my aunt prayed, it was like music to my ears. I rather praise God in Yoruba. I do not believe that an imported language can express all the emotions i feel towards the One i have never seen but who sees me.

Bee says to join the language challenge. Lol...if only she knew. 

Today on my way to work, i started to pray in Yoruba. It felt good. It felt right. 
So Bee , i do accept the language challenge. I will just keep it between me and the Unseen One...I hope i make Him laugh. I hope He enjoys every bit of it. I hope He hears the yearnings of my heart through all mispronunciations. I hope He knows that i love Him and i have no intention of stopping.

Alagbada Ina, Alewilese, Oba ti kinku, Olori aiye, Oba toju oba lo, Erin Nla ka tabu...Ololufe okan mi...
This one is for You.


  1. Hmmm,sounds like a challenge!But i wonder if God will not quickly holler that i keep it quiet with my scattered mother tongue n switch to better decipherable english!Thanx4 ur word-up on mine. *Luvs*

  2. lol @ scattered mother tongue...

    remember- 'my ways are not your ways'...i am sure His ways of listening are not ours either...

    That said, consider the ears of people around you and stick to English :)))