August 30, 2010


Do you remember that time at the cinema? It was a movie we had been looking forward to all year. We had to queue up  for tickets and some man just stepped in front of you. Poor man. He probably took a long look at the queue and saw a 5foot tall lady as the weakest link. He couldn't have been farther from the truth. I laughed so much that day as you gave him a piece of your mind. Shaking your finger in his face as you asked him if no one taught him any better. I laughed but i was afraid for you. He was six foot plus after all

You were so spontaneous, so full of energy, so self righteous. Few people approved of a woman who said what was on her mind. I loved every piece of that mind.

Every one in my family likes my new girlfriend. My friends too. She lets me hang out with the boys as much as i want and never complains. She isn't as needy as you were. With her I sometimes feel like an accessory. Something you have only because it looks good and not cause its necessary. With you, there was never anytime for much else. You were my every minute of my every day.

My new girl is always so impeccably dressed. It still makes me smile to think of how we went to a wedding in mathcing dungarees, how you loved your Adire and made bras out of it.
Everyone tells me she will make a perfect wife. They say our life together will be picture perfect. My favorite picture of you is in my t-shirt wearing no bra, no makeup, and showing the camera your middle finger. I took that picture. She doesn't take pictures expect she has make up on, and looks like a queen. 

I saw you at the bus stop yesterday. You were helping a  bunch of kids cross the road. I wanted to call out to you but she was in the car. I stopped the car to let you cross. Yes, that was me! She only commented on how ugly the kid's uniforms were.
I am by the bus stop again today. I am alone this time.I am hoping you show up to help the kids cross. I know you well enough to know you will stop to help them again and again. I don't have a plan but i brought my camera. I know you will probably curse at me. Possibly show me the middle finger. In fact am hoping on it. I will be back here everyday crossing every road, every bridge with you. Maybe someday you will reach out and hold my hand. Maybe someday you will let me hold your hand and we will cross the roads together.

P.S This was inspired by John Mayer's song, Comfortable...i borrowed a  bit from Michael Buble's Everything and The Script's Man Who can't be Moved provided the ending. Song of the day? Take your pick.

And the beautiful girl is my friend T...


  1. Dami my love, as usual speechless! It takes a second reading to actually get what your saying. Its his loss and he knows it!

  2. What was on his mind when he let her go? How could he just sit there in the car when he saw her at the crossing?
    Nice piece of work;as usual.

  3. I like the picture and your rings :)

  4. takes a second reading ke? ah ! i apparently am not as lucid as i thought :) thanks sugar

    @Nengak...hmmm...lets see , he should have come down in the middle of the road and left Miss Ice Queen's! i like where your mind is going but she is the spontaneous one not him!!!

    @ NakedSha...will let T know you like her rings and picture...Gracias on her behalf...

  5. Awesome scribble. I read at first and never got it until I had to do it again. You these writers sha. We are learning to get to your levels o. lol

    - LDP

  6. aaaaah...Professeur,you flatter me...i have read your beat me hands down!!!