December 31, 2010

The truth

....Saying 'I chose you' would mean I had a choice. the truth lies within me...

I stole the above line from my friend (i hold my breath as i lay claim on friendship with this wordsmith) His work can be found at .

First time i read that line, it blew me away like very few lines can...It made me think how simple life is and how complicated it feels.
Feelings and reality, oil and water.

We all have a choice...Most of us prefer to take the easier path and not choose at all. We console ourselves with notions of predestination and fate.

The truth lies within you...

You can choose. You just choose not to...

Thank you Bulumko...

Song of the day: One Republic- Secrets


  1. I can choose, and I choose to lay claim on your friendhip, for this year and for the many years to come!

  2. :) .... well u definitely made the right choice , my friend.