July 28, 2011

The Love Heresy

Chei!!! i am old!!! My youngest brother wrote this and when i read it, i almost fell out of my chair. I still remember vividly eating his Frisocream and being smacked by my father because Frisocream was meant for babies alone (mschewww what do adults know?). 

Apparently creativity runs in my family...if this Pikin can write this at 18, i wonder what he will come up with at my age...I am so very ashamed of myself right now...

Sigh, i will just shut up already and let you read...

Oh don’t we love to cuddle, to hold and squeeze, and perhaps to call our own? Oh don’t we want to be loved, so we can feel special and admired? Oh don’t we just love to be idiots, to hold such emotions in esteem and insult the name of love? 
For love art not what we conceived, ours being mixed with weakness is like water mixed with fuel, adulterated. Do you, in your right senses, perceive love to be the exchange of spit? Do you degrade love to the standard of bare affection, are u that ignorant are u so naive, huh? We redefine the essence of love! there’s only one genuine love, love irrespective of condition, status, ties, deeds or perhaps looks. What some may call agape, but i would not be found spiteful to classify. That sort of love is not weak, its all conquering, has no boundaries, it sees faults and bears it, it holds no criteria for its disposal. This love holds so much worth that’s its being equated to God(God is love). But when such pure love, makes compromises, borrows the sense organs, make judgments and do things BECAUSE; it becomes love as we know it, adulterated. Yet this is the sort of love humans all crave for, the intimate love, weak love.

Titanic, Beauty & the Beast, Romeo & Juliet, Sleeping beauty, Twilight and the likes, have all been successes because this infidel love appeals to us, and we are charmed by its display. What is it about this so-called love that you can't do without? What is it that attracts us as metals to magnet?

I find myself taking time to read the “life partner” column every time I get hold of a Sunday punch newspaper, not because I am searching (please of all places). No, its because i like to mock those sleazy desperadoes with their throat choking criteria for a spouse. i wonder why its those without options that are most demanding - must be tall, handsome,well dressed, descent, Calabar, not hairy, fair, good in bed, sane, wealthy, muscular... The list is never ending. The thing is these people are so troubled by the absence of affection that they seek for the angel they don’t know. 
Insecurities. Don’t you ever ponder? Why the average teen has a girlfriend and the other teens without one occupy much of their minds about this vacancy? My opinion-INSECURITIES. They could make up a thousand and one reasons why they need this love, but none abide with logic. The married are the most unfortunate, spineless mammals who can't act independently. An association built on reliance. Pitiful. They are weak and use love to make up for insecurities. 

Why do most unmarried women, above 27 prioritize marriage as their ultimate goal. Why do weaklings fret on this sort of love, like its their purpose of existence. To what end do we fall in love? To what end do we kiss? To what end do we dress to match?To what end do we share ice cream? To what end do we love in this sort of way? Insecurities if not stupidity!

Am i a love hater? certainly! And my detest for this love compounds for one reason. That unconditional love has being ignored. Man has evolved to be so greedy, that he would rather please his own than care for the many. We have grown to dwell so much on this love that we are unperturbed by the pain in our environment. Man has become so homophobic that he’d love his bride and scorn his brothers. He has become so senile as to classify love, so intelligent as to defend his greed. 

We, in classy restaurants playing love n feeding each other, whilst another in Sudan contemplates eating his fellow. We walk majestically with gorgeous matching clothes and jewelry whilst another adorns a clothing without spare. How could we kiss and cuddle, when we bear knowledge of brothers who lay without the warmth of shelter? How could we even think of a vacation with our significant others when children being afflicted by diseases wonder if they will see tomorrow? How can you profess your love to her when inside lies a sinister mind of wickedness towards other men.
Man should cease to build tents of his own love that shields him from these realities. I am no pastor, humanitarian or activist, but deem me credible to say, love your spouses in the best of ways but never fail to show love to the world in the least of ways. Selah!

I think the young man has been listening too much Damian Marley and the like hence this rant against love...sigh...i will ask him how he feels again about love in five years...

if you can't tell already, i am so very proud...of both my boys...


  1. The young man is making plenty sense for his age. However when he reaches 27 too he will realise a couple of things..
    1) Body no be wood, he is not superman
    2) It is not good for man to be alone, rib lost because tis supposed to be found again and woe betide any man that comes in the way.
    3) The term charity begins at home also applies to love.
    Wrote something similar but less angry a while ago... Now I would say "Kiah please come quickly"

  2. hmmm i agree he will change his mind...meanwhile he is vexing i told everyone his age...SMH

    Errr Oga Single, come quickly to where??? :)

  3. Made some sense n I cold fil his passion (I won't call it anger lol)! Tell him 2 kip it up.

  4. "...people are so troubled by the absence of affection that they seek for the angel they don’t know."


  5. Please tell him I was 18 for 5 years and I have been 21 since then, he should claim young while he still can.
    As for the coming, I was playing the part. Between 16 and 25, men are avoid all talk of marriage. Between 25 and 34 they start searching for the ever elusive "one". Apart from exceptional cases, by 35, they start searching with a very red eye.

  6. @singlenigerian - I lolled at the searching by red at 35.... Sooo which of the brackets do you fall into o????

    But aren't we - by design, or by whatever - primed to seek non-agape love?

  7. @OHJ, single falls into the second category. He hasn't gotten to red eye stage yet! Don't ask me how I know! I can just tell!
    As for being primed to seek non-agape love, speak for urself oh! I just want to be loved perfectly and wholly and only agape captures that kind of love.

    @Tluv and rethots, Peter is pleasantly surprised and humbly thanks you for your comments!

  8. OhJ, I am evergreen and still 21 and I hope to remain that age for a while to come. However my dearest blogwife is quite right.. Eye is slightly pinkish but not yet red.
    Dearest Kiah, I don't want agape, eros or (whats the 3rd one again?). Me I just dey find woman first if I can like her as a wife, then I will love her (no doubt)

  9. @SN just why are they (oops, Kiah) always elusive to guy between 25 and 34?

  10. Ahh rethots, they are plenty at that age, them set die (with bottle shapes of coke, malt, fanta and odeku), variety enough to turn the eye and confuse the mind. If one is not focused, one gets confused. When you add the raging hormones, the freedom from parents and the freedom of expression, it makes a man of that age a simmering pot cooking on dynamite. Results could lead to a very red eye at 35

  11. Yeah I agree, with all due respect...this is quite young and delinquent.

    Remember this quote, told. As part of the account of Christ's life "you will always have the poor among you"

  12. Just remembered this dearest Kiah, pass this message on to him..
    Love your neighbour as yourself is in the bible quite alright, but its in just one verse.. Honour your father and mother (multiple verses), love your wife and kids (multiple chapters). Believe more love is supposed to be shown within than without.. And what would you say for the men that do not love themselves? How will they love anyone else?
    Just thinking out loud..

  13. @SN, will do...
    @Mancee...the young shall grow into realization...thank you for stopping by