August 16, 2011


Habit is...

Ironing clothes quickly and two days before you need them...the fear of NEPA (even in another country) lives on..

Getting up at 6-freaking-am because i still think i have to leave home early to beat mad Lagos traffic...

Opening a browser window and going to take a bath because i think i am still using MTN Fastlink...

Hesitating to cross the road because  i expect to see those mad buses come out from the blue...

That will be all folks

Song of the day: Adele- Daydreamer


  1. Lol!!!!@The MTN Fast Link bit!!!Trust u doing alright?!

  2. am fine oh jare!!! still adjusting but am getting dere! doing any more booty watching anytime soon? ;)

  3. Don't tell me even now that you are away from Naija you are still doing all these? Well, I guess it'd take a while... lol
    where r u now btw'?


  4. lol...its called habit oh!

    in business school in Virginia...