August 11, 2011


So i was sitting at the table, chatting with my friend on Facebook when i remembered that its Friday tomorrow.

It was just last Friday i decided to leave it all behind to follow my dreams. 

If i were in Lagos right now, i would be picking out what to wear for work. If Nepa had been good, i would be on my way to bed- no mosquitoes to think about, no un-ironed clothes to smooth-en, no worries about muscle pull from trying to coax my generator into working. Depending on whether i had plans to go dancing, i would pick out something sexy and a jacket so the office's fashion police won't fine me! The list is endless of what i would be getting up to right Lagos.

What am i doing here? What search has led me here- to a people not my own, to a land i barely recognize, to food bland and missing maggi? What madness, bravery, stupidity possessed me to leave all that was great about my life for the unknown? 
I am not sure when the tears started falling. All i know is they haven't stopped. 
Its amazing that i am the same girl who couldn't wait to begin this journey. Yesterday, I was laughing like a mad hatter and acclimatizing.

Today, all i want is Akara and Fried Yam, Smirnoff Ice, Swe Bar, Yaba and Balogun(Target and Walmart-sheesh), my crazy friends, my duvet (i know i was forgetting something), my family...

I am so ashamed i am still crying...i am just a bag of mush after all!!! If the crying was the dignified silent stuff, e for better. But for where? When it rains, it pours in Kiahville. I will never live this snot and body heaves down!!! I haven't cried like this since...errr...okay let's draw the curtain on charity right there, shall we?

Land of the two rivers,
Home isn't where the heart is.
Its where the road leads.
You are where my heart is.
Will you be where my road leads?

Land of the two rivers,
There is no better place or people.
Proudly Nigerian.

Song of the day: Styl-plus- Ma se


  1. Funny how we just missed each other...
    You will settle down, you will adapt, you will spice up your food with maggi, you will learn to make akara. You will cry some more, you will get used to the new culture, you will miss your friends and family, you will make new friends, have people to call family.
    There is no place like home however my dearest Kiah, the same dream that took you there will bring you back home eventually.


  2. I think it was Leonard Ravenhill who said 'The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity'.....

    Hang in there.... and keep the dream alive.......

  3. oh hon, it's hard to start with. Adapting is hard, but it can also be fun. Consider conquering your new surroundings as an adventure. Making new friends can be exciting. Exploring new places can be quite interesting. Enjoy the solitude you have while it lasts, when people start crowding your life, you'll be paying for retreats and weekends away... keep your head up love.

  4. You'll be fine love. Take baby steps and hopefully someday soon,you might allow some love for the new place. The good thing about home is,there's always an open invitation for you to come right back in.

  5. @SN, DIVORCE!!! i just spied a hottie in my pour sand sand for my garri biko!

    @Ohj...thank you oh jare! hows the weight loss coming?

    @msluffa, i hope all those happen soon.. Thank you. open invitation till i give my dad a return on his investment!

    thank you people...don't mind me oh...Agbaya is my middle name!!! :)

  6. E-mail.. Is it same as the one from wordpress...