August 25, 2011

Underneath it all

So this is a complaint, a rant, a tirade….whatever you want to call it, be my guest. Against whom, you ask. Hold your horses biko! Keep reading and you will be the first to know.

I have lost weight. That was not part of the plan. I was at my happy weight before leaving Nigeria. I had no intention of coming here and losing or putting on weight. I was a very content size 10. Okay, maybe a big size 10 but still a size 10. Lately I have been noticing how all my skirts, trousers and shorts need a little more help from the belt these days.  I find myself looking in the mirror and wondering why some clothes don’t fit so good anymore. My wake up call was this morning when I put on my fave black trousers. Every woman has one of those…black skirts, trousers, leggings, jeans…etcetra. They are lifesavers in ways guys couldn’t imagine so lets drop it at that. I call my fave trousers 'One Nation' because it has traveled far and wide and seen things but its still perfect. I got it at Tesco by the way (T.Notes Sugar, any chance you might hold onto that job awhile, at least until you send me two more pairs of my One Nation - batting mascara enhanced eyelashes). Anyway, to cut the long story short, One Nation looked like a tent this morning and I, a pole wrapped up in it. It can’t get sadder than this oh.

Firstly, I blame myself! For not including Garri and other condiments in my luggage (customs be damned). I was deceiving myself big time when I thought my stomach would do a seamless transition to all these aje-butter food. Secondly, I blame myself! When I was choosing school, I forgot to consider location. In this town, I cannot find me a single store that carries African foodstuff.

That was my first rant. Rant Two. I am a Yoruba girl. I love to dance and partay!!! I visited the best pub in this city on Friday. Let’s just say Swe will not be hurriedly forgotten by me. Infact comparing where I went to on Friday with Swe is too terrible an insult to Swe. I apologise.

Rant three. When I made up my mind to come here, I didn’t add natural disasters into the equation. Infact this is supposed to be like the safest area in the US. No earthquakes, no Katrinas, no heat waves etcetra…Imagine my shock when my house started shaking vigorously on Tuesday. Bush Yoruba girl, I first thought “the people that built this house sef! ordinary wind, house dey shake?!” Next thing, I get a text asking me if I am ok and if earthquake no reach my side.
Oghene!!! Shooo!!! Earthquake ke? See me as I begin MFM prayer na! Medicine after death, I know but hey...
Fast forward to today and we get a message from the school administrative folks introducing Hurricane Irene. The thing tire me oh! But eh, if I could survive Lagos…dusts shoulders and Yimus…
Besides, i am a child of God.

Tirade over! Time to count my blessings!

I got over a fever in record time and didn’t have to miss school.
My family is well and happy.
My taste buds are beginning to get used to aje butter food.
My classes are beginning to make sense.
I don’t feel so homesick or lost anymore.
I find that I am still beautiful…
Underneath the scars, underneath the flaws, underneath the mistakes…
Underneath it all…

Now for Prince charming to find me...underneath it all...

Song of the day: No doubt- Underneath it all


  1. LOL @ Prince Charming.. I thought @SingleNigerian and/or @Rethots already did.. Or is @T.Notes running a quick final (TESCO) lap?

    Guess your issues are all teething, settling-in issues... You'll be fine.. If it is any consolation, out here where I am, the only parties that happen are when my friends and I gather to drown our sorrows in a few bottles of beer...

    I still can't think of why you blogroll doesn't get updated...... When/If I find out, I'll drop you a new URL...

  2. u are laughing at me abi...Single Nigerian and Rethots are my brothers in Christ(lol) for T.Notes, ah egbon ma ni awon yen oh!!!

    well at least you have friends who want to join you in sorrow drowning!

    i will be waiting on that URL...

  3. wow your house actually shook? scary!!

  4. Loling at Prince Charming tooo... lol

    Correct Bush girl! God will continue to keep you safe and order your steps aright. You will not be a victim of earthquake or hurricanes...

    And as for the food... u dont have a choice o *talking from experience*

    - LDP

  5. Which kain brother in Christ be that?
    Abeg abeg abeg, no be that kind contract I sign o.
    Yes o!! I am back. My dearest, biko, take am sofry sofry @Irene and earthshaking. As for the food, you are a Lagosian, I too sure say one Igbo woman get African shop for there. Find her

  6. @kitkat...yes oh...sigh

    @Professeur, you are laughing too abi! God dey! my Prince charming had to get a new horse and that's all that is keeping him!!! i will laugh last oh! just u and OHJ wait!
    Amen to the prayers oh!

    @SN, which contract again? btw, don't you owe me mail?!!
    if i find an Ibo woman anywhere near here, i am throwing a party ASAP!

  7. @SingleNigeria calm down.... You are actually on track here... Methinks the biblical position is that Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty are to be brother and sister in Christ.. Soooooo....... #PassingBy

  8. @Rustgeek...i am not sleeping...Yimu!
    The beauty part sha i accept... :)

  9. I have sent the mail my dearest.. And I signed up as a Bhusband. Search for Ibo woman now underway.