September 23, 2011

Inspiration runs dry

I hate this place.

Inspiration runs dry. My muse has taken a leave of absence. The faces are unfamiliar. Their stories are not mine to tell.

I might as well just give up. :(

Song of the day: Aaliyah: Miss you


  1. Might be perfect timing to catch up on some reading.......... Or ruminate on the journey so far? Or just telling the stories - however unfamiliar they may be?

  2. You can give up on many things, but you can't give up on who you are. Love your Muse, cherish it when it comes, make love to it for as long as you can to make amends for the times it is away.
    It will return again

  3. Awwh sweets, relax. If u look hard enough, u'ld realize those faces ain't so unfamiliar and any story can be yours to tell

  4. awwww..thanks people...i feel better already...

  5. Giving up is not an option. I am glad you read my latest post *I saw ur comment* | Not giving up anymore shey?

    - LDP