December 20, 2011

Thankfully, Kiah

Lately i have done nothing but moan!

And groan, gripe and complain. I cannot seem to find any reason to be thankful. Ok that is not true. I do see reasons to be thankful but i think i am forgetting how to be thankful.(Heaven forbid)

And somehow i stumbled on this

I am still the same girl that wrote that. Yes it has been a year but look how far i have come and all the wonderful gifts i got on a platter of GRACE in 2011. Right now, i am feeling like the ungrateful heel that i am. 

Today, i am especially thankful for my amazing friend and fellow blogger SN. Its his birthday and like December, he shines.
I am thankful for life, Jesus, my family, friends, school, my unborn children (all 4 of them), my soon to be husband (faith people, faith!), my career, my ability to put words together and weave tales, my amazing hair that has weathered Virginia's winter beautifully :), my pink nail polish, music, books, my bags that are packed and ready to flee this town, my Gucci by Gucci perfume bottle that is somehow still full, good health, my country, my dry flaky skin that hasn't weathered winter as beautifully as my hair, hope for tomorrow....etcetra, etcetra...

Heavenly Father, for everything,  Imela!!!

Song of the day: Tye Tribbett- Bless the Lord (Son of Man)


  1. Hmmm,been rocking same Tye Tribbett too!
    So, thankful along with you!
    Cheers to finer days ahead.
    Lush :)

  2. Definitely a life in motion with lots for which to be thankful. May the New Year bring you laughter and fun and alot more for which you can be thankful.