January 7, 2012

Life Uninterrupted

So i went dancing in a club that played African music...I danced my heart out, laughed a lot and got loads of 'come hither' stares. Unfortunately, i don't do come hither things anymore :)

I have a week till school reopens and i can only groan in anticipation. I no like book at all biko!!! And this American way of teaching with cases that go on for 50 pages or more is really cramping my sexy mojo. Imagine yours truly staying up till 12 am because i have to read blabla case for class the next day; and waking up with swollen eyes. How on earth am i suppose to wow a rich hot young man in this way? God pass all of una.

I have loved every bit of this holiday. From eating loads of Nigerian food to seeing friends i never thought i would ever see again; this trip has been worth every cent i invested in airfare. 

Today though, i sank my head in my pillow and wept. Notice i did not say 'cried'. I wept. I do not know why. I had a great time last night. I made amazing friends and yet 3pm this evening found me wailing like my world just ended. 

My grandaunt used to say "Noone ever cries forever. When you are done crying, you will wipe your tears away and continue with life". This is where i am at. The tears have dried up. The snot has been wiped away. I have dusted away the ashes, taken off the sackcloth and i am continuing with life. 

It gets better from here on...

P.S...i need to write a story (my fingers itch so bad) but my muse is occupying Nigeria at the moment. Inspiration anyone???

Song of the day: Enya-May it be


  1. WOW.. See who's having fun!

    Having an itch to write a story is a good thing i reckon... Go for it...

  2. Ahh, I can totally relate on the crying for absolutely no reason bit. I'm sure there's a reason you're just not willing to explore or share. Tell me if I'm right?

    I can be your muse :)

    Oh I came across this random website the other day - they email you a prompt every day until the end of March, if you're into that kind of thing: http://blog.figment.com/figment-daily-themes/

  3. Crying for no reason? Hmmm... a woman thing for sure. lol

    Anyway, nice to know you had fun during the hols. Its time to wake up from all that into the world of academia.. lol

    - LDP

  4. @Ohj..an itch is not a good thing when it cant be scratched :(

    @miss.fab....i am delighted to have you as a muse....i forsee great inspiring days ahead :)
    thanks for the link

    as for the reason ...sigh i am a woman of many parts that even i fear to explore :)

  5. Looking forward to the story. Writing is an excellent treatment emotional stress. That's when us writers are at our best