January 2, 2012

Steak and John Mayer!!!

So yesterday i met up with my friend whom i haven't seen since God knows when. 15 years, 10 years...i have lost count. Anyway, i am sure you get the message!!!

He comes to get me at my friend's place and after we catch up and take loads of pictures (i am vain, if you can't tell already), we head to dinner. I woke up this morning and burst out laughing as i remembered how i almost choked on steak!!! 

Great place, amazing food and then John Mayer's 'Your body is a wonderland' starts to play...

Kiah: ooohhh, i love John Mayer
Friend: Why? He is a racist?
Kiah: i am going to marry him.
Friend: What part of his being a racist and not liking black people don't you get?
Kiah: aaahh...all he needs is one night with me. He will lose all racist tendencies after that. Besides i am not black, i am brown!!!
Friend: Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!

KIah: When did you become an Irish Catholic?
Friend: Since i realized i will be needing heavenly reinforcements to stop being shocked by you.

This led to me choking on my steak as i laughed my first real laugh of 2012. Here is to many more happy times and laughter infused moments. Told y'all it will be a great year!!! :))


  1. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!" hahaha! Your friend is hlarious. Also, I am with you on the John Mayer sentiment. My ex felt the same way as your friend did, but clearly he didn't get it. *scoffs*

  2. Omg, so glad to see other blogs like mine :)
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  3. im a dude and i like John mayer.... he is very talented... both as a songwriter and a singer. whenever im trying to be mellow, its Sade and John mayer that do it for me. Plus girls get extra point of coolness if i find out that they like John Mayer or any other music preferences i have.

  4. @i think most men are just beefing john mayer...he cant seem to do no wrong with the ladies!!1

    @mobola, thanks for visiting...will do

    @lovelife4sale...score 1 for you, being a dude and loving john mayer!!!