May 13, 2012


So what do Rahab and Kiah have in common??? 

I asked God for a word today and He sent me to the passage about Jericho.

I rolled my eyes and said to God 'There are no walls here that need to fall. Please give me a real word!'

He ignored my impatience and told me to continue. I obeyed (thank goodness) and that's when i discovered Rahab, the harlot!

I have read this story a thousand times and even listened to preaching about it. There was nothing new here for me; afterall i am no harlot. Infact I am probably not that bad a sinner. But here was God giving me a word in Rahab's situation.

A harlot became a mother to the Savior. A harlot became a queen, a mother, someone to be cherished and held in high regard... This was back in the days when harlots were stoned and yet God changed all that in the twinkle of an eye.

God's ways blow me away time and time again. So again I ask you, what does Rahab have in common with me? I have no clue but I am holding fast to God's word. 

"The city and all that is in it shall be devoted to the Lord for destruction. Only Rahab the prostitute and all who are with her in her house shall live because she hid the messengers we sent."

I am in NYC at the moment and loving every moment! So all you bloggers in NYC, if you see some crazy tourist taking pictures of everything incessantly, say 'hello Kiah!' I will be wearing my smile and black shorts.

Have a great week people.

Song of the day: Alicia Keys and Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind


  1. You call yourself, "sinner saved by grace". He calls you Saint. He knows you well enough to number the hair on your head, He calls you saint.
    God knows your name, He knows you well enough to send His Son long before you were born. That was finished settled long before.
    *newly discovered* God's love for you, is not dependent on His happiness with you.
    While we were yet sinners... You get the message
    Make I no talk sermon for here.

    Please if you will be only wearing a smile and black shorts... I WANT PICTURES!!!

    1. see no evil oh uncle!

      and please preach...i need to hear the good news a couple of times before my hard head lets anything through!