December 1, 2012

I Do Not 'Knock On Wood'

'Knock on wood'. 

A popular American phrase that irritates me to no end. It is representative of how skeptical we are about the good things in our lives. We 'knock on wood' when we talk about our hopes and good stuff happening presently in our lives. We 'knock on wood' hoping wood will prevent the bad from happening from us. Mere wood is now what we base our hopes on. 

The human race never ceases to amaze me. 

I do not 'knock on wood'.

And it isn't because i am in better moral standing than anyone else. Or because I know better. Or because bad things don't happen to me that cause me to be pessimistic or afraid of what tomorrow might bring. I am human too, as faulty and as flawed as the next; but I 'do not knock on wood'. I will NEVER 'knock on wood'.

Psalm 40 talks about waiting on God. I am not sure how much harder the people of the Psalms had it but I am sure they didn't have a lot of stuff we take for granted today. They didn't 'knock on wood'. They waited on the Lord. 

This month, let us wait on God, trusting that even when bad things happen they will turn out for our good. I am no preacher (the poorness of this post could have told you that) , no saint either but I do not 'knock on wood'. I knock on the door of heaven, on the doors of He that made wood. My hope and faith is in God.

Celebrate Jesus everyday. Don't wait for Christmas.

Song of the day: Aslan - Too late for Halleluyah


  1. I love the hope and trust of this post. I've heard the "knock on wood" statement before but did not quite understand it.

    I live every moment as a celebration,... Still charge into tomorrow with all that I am and hope to be.

    Are we losing our will and zest for life? I've often wondered.

    Happy December. May you have a beautiful holiday season.

    1. 'i live every moment as a celebration'

      this is what i hope to do/be. thank you kitten. i hope you have the same.

  2. I never knock on wood.
    That's for people who do not understand God.
    Waiting on the Lord: Way to go.

    Enjoy the season :)
    December is full of blessings {I know. I came in december :o)}

    1. hahaa...i love December too...happy birthday in advance!