January 15, 2013

Happy New Year, Diary Entries and other stories...

*Clears Cobwebs*

Well hello there! Its been a minute! I went and upped to Lagos and couldn't access my blog. I promise that I missed you guys the same way you missed me. I can't wait to read up on everyone's blogposts.

Have I said 'Happy New Year' yet?

Happy New Year! 

This year has already begun to unravel for me and it has been a great start. I am so pumped about the rest of the year. God will do amazing things in all our lives-we just need to trust.

I wrote a lot while at home and was even going to do some kind of collaboration with some other writer until, ahem, they started giving me B.S. 
If I told you once, I told you a thousand times, Nigeria, Lagos inspires me to no end. I am never at a loss of stories to tell when I am in that place. Even here, the best stories I write are those that are my dreams of home. 

I miss home already. 

Below is the first chapter from Diary Entries, a series I am writing about a girl. About a girl...sigh

Please comment and let me know what you think it is about, maybe you can even tell me what it should be about and i can move stuff around. This is an experiment i am not willing to let go of so help me out people...use the comment box and help me tell this story .

Happy New Year again!!!

The lady at Starbucks gave me too much change. I didn't realize until I had gotten on the bus. 

Still, I should have gone back. It is what Maami would have expected. She always said the world would be a better place if everyone was a little more honest. This was right after she would tell me and my cousins how she expected us to make the world better. Such pressure that woman doled out on little kids. Lol...

But Maami was a long time ago. 

I went to work and told myself that it did not matter. Starbucks made too much money anyways to keel over because of a lousy 11 dollars. Besides, it was there own fault if they couldn't train their staff in simple maths.

Spring is almost here and I am glad. I am so tired the grayness of winter. I am a summer child though so it is that season that I eagerly await. Maybe this year the La Isla bikini I splurged on two winters ago will be finally okay to wear. Which reminds me, I better get back on that diet.

Summer always makes me think of Maami and those eternal summers of my childhood. I miss her so much but this is the story of my life; I get by without the people I really need and surround myself with people that I don't.

Marcus hasn't called since Christmas. 

Speaking of men, I have a date with some clown whose parents my mother is trying to win favors with. 

"Mum, you said the same thing about the two last guys you tried hooking me up with.''And I was right. You are just too set in your ways to give good Nigerian boys a chance. You keep dating all those good for nothing  boys with rasta hair and oversized clothes."

''Marcus isn't good for nothing, Mom. He is just having a rough patch. And it is dreadlocks not rasta. You know what, whatever Mom, you are just prejudiced against black american boys."

''Wo, let me be prejudiced. I still think you would really like this one. He is smart and very respectful oh. His parents are also very influential in government and this might lead to a couple of contracts.''

"Is it too late for you to have more daughters? I swear this carrot and donkey thing you do with me must be bad for business."

My mother had laughed that her throaty laughter that everyone says I inherited. It made me think of better times when she was happier, when we were all happier. It made me think of how warm Maami's house always was; how it had little to do with the humidity of Lagos and everything to do with the love she never seemed to run out of. 

Anyway, I let my mother have her way and give some boy called Segun my number. He called yesterday to fix a date for tonight. He must be lonely as hell to want to get this on so soon. If only he knows what he is getting himself into.

I will be wearing one of the shirts I got from Goodwill for occasions like this. It has the right amount of holes to irritate the hell outta any silver spooned kid. I will also be sure to go into one of my practiced speeches about the 1% and how they are to blame for the problems of the world. I will bring that snotty rich kid to his knees and run him outta town. Kid won't know what hit him.

One would think after all these time, my mother would know better: you can lead a horse to the river, but you can't make her drink nada.

I am off to get dressed. It is a going to be a long night for some unsuspecting young man.

I miss Maami... and warmth. Tomorrow, I will return the 11 dollars.

Song of the day: Tuface- Rainbow


  1. Happy new year!

    Lol...I can sense that the rich kid will NOT be brought to his knees!

    1. ahhh...your wish is my command...happy new year dear!

  2. Happy new year Kiah, it seems like a nice story, at this point it could go in any direction. Perhaps the kid her mum hooked up with turns out to be good with a slight character flaw. Perhaps we learn more about Maami.

    1. sigh...Sir Farouk, you are one of my faves. Happy new year buddy.

  3. Love the jerk back to 11 dollars. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Happy new year.

    1. sigh...you are supposed to give us your own twist to the story jor!

      Happy New Year!

  4. So kiah, this is an excellent way to start on kiahscript2013..very open story so u can drive the romance through the streets of a lagos in Maami's mind...so what's my version...You will fall in love with Segun, and Maami will tell you never to marry him. You have to find out why..."Maami's Dilemna". She always has a better plan for you.