March 22, 2013


So there is this boy...

He is different from all the other boys
He is kinder than anyone else I know
He is smart
He is humble
He is patient, so annoyingly patient
He has the sweetest smile in the world

When he smiles, the pieces of my heart find their place in this puzzle that is me.

Sometimes I wake up and lie in bed, wondering how this happened.
I have taken love for granted before. Probably because it happened so easily the first time. And then I got burned, burned so badly I never thought I could heal. 

But here I am...all healed. Yes the scars are still here but they no longer serve to remind me of the pain, only of all I have to be grateful for.

He is my brother, my friend, my biggest fan, my biggest critic (yesterday he told me my story was ordinary!!!), my prayer partner, my lover, my hero,...

The Bible tells me God loves me; preachers preach it from their podiums; yet no time am I more sure of God's love than when someone created in His image shows it to me. I sincerely believe that is why God made more than one person- so when we doubt Him or His love for us, we can look into our neighbors' eyes and see His love reflected.

I tease him all the time about how very lucky he is to have me. The truth is I am the lucky one. I only have to look beside me and see God's love for me reflected in eyes more beautiful than the sunrise.

Song of the day: Donnie McClurkin- I'll trust You