July 15, 2013


It has been ages...

Well hello, Ms. Obvious...Lol

I haven't written any story I wanted to share in a long time so I kinda just sat back and read all you guys' stuff. It is so refreshing and daunting to see all the amazing talent in Nigeria. And no, we shall not go into what Chimamanda said or meant in her interview. I am a huge fan of the woman. Nigerians need to learn respect for others' opinions. Chikena...

Things are changing so fast. I am moving to a new city and excited but also scared. New apartment, new clothes (as soon as I can afford them after shelling out all these money for rent and the move), new friends...and yet I miss the old stuff...

I miss my family.
I miss Mr Kiah.
I miss school.
I miss my friends.
I miss my old job.

But I am in a happy place and if you ask me why, I will smile and tell you "If no be God o..." 

So many answered prayers, so many more answers on the way...

Its another birthday in a few weeks. If I had one wish, I would ask that the people I love be fulfilled. I am getting to the place where I pray more for others than I do myself. It is a wonderful thing when you love people enough to put your desires aside and lift theirs up before God. You can't get better than that in love. Then you become what God intended for you to be in the first place...just like Him.

I am still waiting on that next story...praying to God for inspiration because I am nothing without Him. I have no doubt it will be written just the way He wants it and at the right time.

Till then, keep the stories coming people. 

Song of the day: William McDowell- I Won't Go Back