October 15, 2013

The Liberation of the Tortoise and other poems

So these days I have been listening a lot to Alysia Harris and the Striver's Row. This is the result of that. i am trying my hands on poetry again. Here are two wacky ones.

And of course they tell a story. I am all about the stories, people. :)

He waits till you are breathing again before he steals your breath away

He waits till your tears have dried up before giving you new and beautiful reasons to weep

He waits till that moment

When you think it is safe to come out of your shell
Before he breaks it,
Before he breaks you,
To pieces

So that there is no more hiding

No more shells
No more heavy burdens to carry through life

You are no longer a tortoise
You are free
You are his
And you steal his breath away,
Time after time.

Her skin is the color of nighttime and though I have been here many times,
I find that it is still easy to get lost
In mountains and valleys and waterfalls

Time is my GPS
And so I spend it tracing her body with my fingers

Seeking directions to truths that were never lost

But there is never enough of this thing called 'time',
And soon another night finds me lost
In ancient streets of warmth
In dark rivers of joy
In valleys laced with milk
In her midnight skin...

Song of the day: Lorde- Royals

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