March 15, 2014

Goodnight Blogger...

So we have moved... to Script Street , a nicer apartment, a freer space...

Person dey grow pass something and I think we have grown past blogger. I am so excited about the new site. It was created by someone very special after plenty trauma from me. Lol. But it was so worth it. I hope to collaborate with some really amazing writers out there on that space. 

I am so thankful to all my amazing, amazing readers. Everyone that has come here over the years; thank you. Thank you for letting me pretend I am a writer. Thank you for laughing in all the right places. Thank you for letting me have a voice and listening even when I had nothing to say.

 It has been 3 years or so and it has been a worthwhile journey. I have grown and learned so much from all you guys. I have made some great friends too. So thank you, thank you,  for your feedback, for your love, for your sharing my art. 

I plan to keep doing what I do for as long as God gives me grace. So this is not a goodbye... It is a goodnight to blogger, a see you soon somewhere else, a hello, a welcome. 

Pleaseeeeeeeeee visit the new Kiah's Scripts and be sure to show some love.

Song of the day: Kirk Franklin & 1nc - Free

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  1. Sad day...but hey, well done! See you on the other side.