July 25, 2010

Nine lepers

I did someone a good turn once. I gave him my salary for a month even though I had rent to pay, bills to settle, goals that needed money to pursue. I gave him that money selflessly. I thought to myself 'what good was money if it didn't help someone in dire need'.

Unfortunately he wasn't in dire need and he wasn't a human being so he didn't fall into the category of 'somebody'. Okay that wasn't nice but I can't take it back so whatever. I gave my pearls and gave it to swine. Later on he told me he won't be giving me my money back. I should see it as an investment. For Pete's sake!!! So the stock market crashed big time but investment in 'swine'!!!

I let it go mostly because some fights are better fought for you. I believe in the God that answereth by fire,the God of vengeance...My father's church is still MFM oh!!! Anyway,back to the issue. I have since forgiven him though it wasn't immediate and it still galls me to no end that someone could take advantage of me and my goodness. I did a lot of cursing back then. I thought to myself ' I will never be nice to someone who didn't prove themselves worthy first. Well unless you were blood...and even then the blood better not be diluted!!!

But overtime I have come to realise that one mishap shouldn't dictate the way I treat other people. I was put on this earth to be a blessing. I believe that strongly despite the many stupid things I have done and the many people I have hurt. Why let one man and his sad life change my destiny?
It took an amazing man I met about a year ago to make me wake up to the fact that being a blessing isn't something to be only when the mood strikes you. Be it even when it doesn't suit you. Be what you were born to be even if it makes sense to only you.

I have learnt that for every nine ungrateful lepers, there is one who will remember to appreciate you. For every curse, there is a blessing. For every wound, there is a soothing kiss.For every traitor, there's a Peter willing to brave an army and cut their ears and much more for you. For every door shut, a window will open. The little I invested in swine has come back to me ten times over. I have a feeling I will never stop getting returns. If only he had known he was doing me a favor. Giving someone who wasn't worthy opened doors for me who wasn't worthy either!!!


  1. So we are now chasing debtors on the blog? lol.
    Please remember me when they pay up oh!
    Any fool could write when the story is great - I mean, whoever told it; 'Titanic' would still be a hit - but it takes great skill to tell a story out of mundane everyday affiars.

  2. lol...even only i could catch them ...in retrospect, i think mundane everyday affairs are the best stories ever, we just attach too much importance on 'mass' affairs!!! i don't even understand what i just said...

    1. Oh but I do Kiah! Timeless wisdom, this post.
      Thank you for sharing. Moods&experiences shouldn't determine our default.