September 13, 2010

There she goes

Found her on the desert plains. She became my oasis in that strange land. It took me two years to look in her direction. It was well worth the wait.

She won every heart with her smile. But it was my soul she stole with her goodness.

She saw through every facade i put up. She laughed her way through my temper. She came back no matter how many times i showed her the door. she taught me lessons i never taught i could learn. On my birthdays, she would wake me up, and pray for me at dawn.
Its been 6 years since i found my sister. Its been two years since i laid eyes on her. so much water under the bridge and yet i know i will never love like this again.

White tiger, my sister, my friend, my angel...there are friends and there are FRIENDS!!! You, my lovely, are evidence that God loves me. Thank you!!!

p.s If you cry today eh, i will never wish you happy birthday again ...and you know it isn't beyond me!!

Song of the day: Six Pence None The Richer - There she goes


  1. Yes, yes.. I'm crying here o!! What do I say that'll express how I feel... Hugs hugs hugs my love!!!

  2. right!!! no birthday wishes next year!!! :) are we having fun yet?

  3. Hi Dolly,
    Yesterday I took my guys out ... I told them it's my friend's birthday and they could have anything they wanted. At dawn, the bill was a little bit short of a million. I trust you will clear it when you come back :D
    How was your birthday?

  4. im not sure why i love your blog, but im more confused why i dont!!! I guess its another addiction i'll indulge...thanks

  5. @anonymous...why does the sun shine, why does it rain...ladilala... :)..plssssssss indulge!!