September 15, 2010

Wednesday the 15th

It rained this morning. Actually it started last night. i could tell because i heard that silly dog whimpering. She hates it when it rains. Comes scratching at our door. So lets just say, i dreamt of rain and flood and the dog and my meds too. i might have lived all my life with a practitioner of medicine but i will never like meds!!! 

I made it to work on time. Surprise, Surprise, V.I was flooded!!! One of these days, water go carry all of una go...

Anyways i was frothing at the lips and mumbling obscenities to all those deserving when some pick-up dropped off M. There he was looking all instructable and unbothered with green socks(who wears green socks to work is all i want to know). The following conversation took place...

K: 'Hey Baba Suwe! I am calling the fashion police on you. How can you wear green socks to work and carry your head up high?

'M: 'Why can't you just say good morning. B would say good morning and ask how i got here. Yoruba girls!"
K: 'Well B is Yoruba too or did you miss the memo? Mschewww...why didn't you say good morning either?"

M: 'I was going to before you attacked me'

By this time, we are about to go our separate ways. So i opened my arms wide to hug him. M hates hugs. He dodges me. I start walking off and he is still standing, staring at my butt. M likes butts. I turn around and walk back to him, kiss him on his cheek, laugh and run to my office. Last i saw of M he was standing there touching where my mouth had been and smiling. 

He thinks we should hang out one of these days. It will be a total disaster!!! But i got tough love for M.

Good morning people!!!

Song of the day: Rob Thomas (M loves him)- Ever The Same


  1. According to 'Experts'(dont ask me experts of what) pretty soon there will be no VI as we know it; all those fine houses will become fish-house because the angry Atlantic would have swallowed them up.
    I think you guys should hang out too. By the way, Is M still standing outthere touching his face?

    Anyways, nice one.

  2. M is my craziest friend yet!!! i call him Brother Odd!!!

  3. I should check your blog every day!
    (Notice what I did there, with the exclamation point? lol)

  4. errr...lets see...u would reading my blog daily cos of M abi? well any reason is good enough for me... :)

  5. "He thinks we should hang out one of these days." i think you should just say yes (& marry him).

    Ok, he might not have asked the question but, trying saying yes first....

  6. Right!!! You obviously do not know M or me very well...then again, how can you? :))