October 8, 2010

Masquerades (3)

Its been two months since the day i bought the masks. She didn't make it back home that night. I bathed the kids and took them to school the next day. Like the bright stars that they are, they knew better than to ask. Or maybe they saw the grayness in my world and pitied me.

Night came and i came home from work. The house told me she was back before i entered. It was always like that. It brightened at her presence and pined for her when she left. It was quiet everywhere but i knew she was back.

'I always knew it was Nifemi'  I turned, startled by her voice in the darkness of our dining room. She was sitting where i sat the night before. Mask in her hands. ' I just wanted you to know. In case you think you ever ahd me fooled. I have always known'. 
I didn't dare to move. I feared even to breathe. If she heard me breathe, maybe she would change her mind and stop.

She stood and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. The other bed that had been my prison this long year had been removed. There were tears in her eyes. They rolled down her cheeks. The angels had taken away my speech . Like Zechariah, they feared i would spoil the miracle if i said anything. I took off her clothes  with a reverence that was evidenced by my shaking hands. That night, she whispered my name with every breath, with every moan. She climaxed with my name on her lips.

I rushed home the next evening.  I had regained my speech at work. I wanted to sing of my love for her. Tell of my eternal gratitude to her. Croon about my undying loyalty. I got out of the car and my eyes went to the bin. It had been that way since the first day the i saw my flowers discarded. I held my breath as i made my way to look in it. Only the masks were there. Mine and Nifemi's.

I let out my breath and raced into the house. My flowers were beside her reading lamp.

The era of the masquerades was over.

P.S this was a lot harder to write than i thought possible. I am not so sure fiction is my thing. :)

Song of  the day: Green day- 21 Guns


  1. wow! permit me to say u rock when u write...now question is, "are u sure u don't wanna give up something for writing?" cos i so believe u'll hold on much longer if u give it ur full thrust.lovely delivery...can't help but play up myself in this life peep-in fiction.hmm,if only we'll just resign to do d right thing d reward's sure bound to come.ur a messenger kiah baby;) well done!

  2. Chick, you should keep it up. All three parts were good.
    However hard it was to write, you'll get even better in time. :D

  3. Nice piece of art. Thanks for not dropping your pen ... now waiting for part 4!
    Hey why not re-post 1 and 2 (or the web-links) for those who havent read?