October 8, 2010

M & me

I saw M today. He had the best shave ever. It made me want to nuzzle him. If you know me even a little bit, you will know i don't do facial hair.. it tickles and not in a funny way. It gets in the way of good kissing. My men have always been clean shaven. The first time a boyfriend kept a beard i didn't kiss him for a whole week till he got rid of it.

Back to M. He is on his way for a  meeting when i see him. He does a double take and his eyes does the whole stripping thing. One of the amazing things about M is how he stares at ladies and doesn't even pretend or hide that he is looking. He looks at my face and smiles that slow serpentine smile that i love so much. I laugh and say hey. I feel  so good inside already that i make the mistake of leaning to hug him. Now if you have read my blog before you will know about M and you will know my friend hates, detests, completely abhors hugs. M hesitates  but only for a  second. Next thing i know M is hugging me willingly for the first time in our almost two years old love-hate friendship.

When he finally lets go, he stutters ' eh are you dating now?' I almost kiss him. My friend - a man of many extremes. He can make u feel as low as dirt and he can raise you higher than the stars. Today isn't one of my brave days so i just smile and saunter away leaving him staring. I envy the girl that will change his mind about settling down. I envy the girl that will make him do the double take everyday.

 I am ready to take on the world tonight. Thank you M

p.s M is an amazing guy. We are best friends some days, worst enemies on others. Don't get it twisted. Besides he is smarter than i...i would never have anything to do with a man smarter than i am...am just saying...

Song of the day: Maxwell- Stop the world


  1. Ooh girl...
    So he's looking good these days, aye?

  2. oh...he is looking good a lot...now if only he could be tamed...sigh!!!

  3. "...i would never have anything to do with a man smarter than i am..." interesting concept.

    I ought not have anything to do with a lady that can't match me thot for thot....