October 11, 2010

Strangers to self

He is my friend. I have never been his. He is the one i run to when it all falls apart. He always lets me in when everyone else has shut the door in my face. He is magical, he is sweet, he is him and i am so thankful he found me. More thankful, he stays...

This is something he wrote a while ago and has let me borrow while my muse is on holiday :). 

We are well acquainted to what we are not
And strangers to what we are
That’s why it’s hard to be ourselves.
We are in conflict with the inner self:
The one only us know
But well settled with the outside self:
The one everyone knows
Antisocial cavemen
Living in a social civilization
we trade War and discrimination
For peace and diversity
Our minds are still primitive
So we can’t understand that our differences make us even the same
Busy getting caught in the web
we forget our common origin
In the network of books with faces
We really should be finding our own spaces

 Song of the day: One republic- Stop & stare


  1. Guess thats from M?
    Nice work of art.

  2. nooooo...M ! borrow me his work? never! this is from some one else oh!

  3. Many, I agree are in conflict with self.

    I argue however that if we understand our purpose, the essence of our being, life would be so much meaningful and we'd then no longer be a stranger to ourselves...

    - LDP

  4. our purpose, the essence of our being? does this mean my life isn't all that meaningful cos i don't understand any oh! :)

    hullo professeur