November 30, 2010

M called me today!

M called me today!

Its been a couple of interesting days...
Been burning the midnight candle and trying to make sense outta crazy questions!
My men won the El Classico in grand style-what can I say? Nobody does it better!
Love is in the air and even though I don't want to enjoy it, I am! :)

I miss work...I know,I know...I am weird like that. But that's the way it is!

So when M called today, he reminded me of how much I miss work...the hallways where you can rub shoulders with just about anyone, the lunch room and the great food(all of a sudden, my cooking doesn't seem do good anymore), my boss(that huge teddy bear that will gobble you up in a heart beat and spit you out whole in another!), my colleagues, my boys, my desk, my friends,my incorrigible customers...and M!

I miss M,his smile,his socks, those eyes that wither and flatter at the same time.

I know the more I go on about M, the more folks think there is something more! Something am not saying!
True! There is something more!

In many ways,if I were male I would be M and I see so much of myself in him. Its why we hate each other one minute and are best friends the next! Okay, best friends is an exaggeration! But you get the point!

M is the me I am not brave enough to be...
I am so very glad he has enough courage for two.

Song of the day: The Script - For the first time

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