November 24, 2010

Going home...

Its my last day here and i have been looking outside the window instead of packing.

What will i miss? Order,shopping,the cold, Oxford street, my friends

What won't i miss? Order,the cold, junk food

I cant wait to get back home and yet i can...

Land of the two rivers,
Your warmth tugs at my heart and bids me return
Till i am reminded of the callousness and coldness 
With which you deal with the ones who love you

I am coming home
Home isn't where the heart is
Its where the road leads
And I cannot wait to see you.

Song of the day: George Michael-As


  1. Okay dear, can't wait to see you, either.
    Have a safe trip back.

  2. 'Home isn't where the heart is
    Its where the road leads'


  3. @ at 'cant wait to see you'...sugar, you aint seen me before!!!but then again, i love you more than people i see everyday!!

    @NakedSha, 'DEEP' my middle name oh... :)