November 12, 2010

Off to London...

So am off to London for a  vacation..its been ages i had one of those...a vacation i mean...

I can't wait to hold Ukeme, see KK, shop with OmoTee and make new friends.

I am on a limited budget but men...i plan to make the best use of all my pounds and shop till i drop.

I will still be blogging though and reading terribly hard..

My muse has been on vacation awhile i envy her, threats do not bother her...she takes her leave when she wills and returns when she deems fit. Oh to be such a free spirit...

I wish B and i were going on this trip together..we have planned it all year but life went and happened and here i am, going on a trip alone.

I embrace it with open arms...and a twinkle in my eye

Song of the day: Michael Buble-Hold on

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