February 2, 2011

Just venting jor...

So my friend, Dee (Those are her eyes), is too goodhearted for her own good! Its one of the reasons I love her and its one reason we r still friends. She really cares about her friends. Spends her money making transatlantic calls, chats with us all night long if need be, is there through thick and thin. She is my best friend and so u might think I am biased! I am not! She does same for almost everyone I know. She is an angel-too good to be true and all that but I am glad its true.

Ok! Back to the reason behind this long gist...We used to have a mutual friend. But u know me, I don't do bullshit! I got rid of our mutual friend when she got engaged & did all but literally rub it in our faces. Me and D didn't really care. We loved her but for me, time came when I couldn't understand why we were friends when I was the only one trying. I did the calling, the searching out, the praying for, the worrying about...etc. I don't do one sided anything. 
Even if na man, once I realise he aint digging me as much as I do him, I start purging my self of the poison called feelings. I will delete your number, I will delete u from my bb, facebook and email contacts. I will do just about anything to let go. I won't search u out. I will forget birthdays and I definitely will pray for more important stuff. I make no apologies. I am Kiah. I am made of sterner stuff! Bite me!!!

Ok back to 'Mrs' and Dee. Mrs got married! Trust me I was done with her by then so I didn't even know when. Dee on the other hand kept in touch even though i have told her to ignore the clown. So Dee called yesterday(another transatlantic call) and I know when that girl has been crying. I wanted to punch 'Mrs' really hand. Unfortunately she is pregnant and I might be jailed for 'foetus abuse'. Far be it from me to take it out on unborn children.

Apparently Dee(Goody two shoes) rememberd Mrs's birthday and called. In the process she asked Mrs why she has been so distant and not kept in touch. Mrs blows up and says stuff like this; 'Don't u know I have been pregnant?(shooo!!!) Do u know what I have been through? My feet are swollen. My tummy is swollen(before nko). I have been in out of the hospital like three times(na me give u belle) etc. In the end sha she hangs up on Dee. Chei!!! Why can't pple be like me! Ok strike dat! The world would be blind if everyone were :D. Dee is all upset when she calls and oh well, I let her vent. She won't let me send an email to Mrs. Lucky Mrs becos if she reads an email from me right now, she will go into early labour!!

I think back to those days when we were young and unencumbered and best friends and I wonder what changed.I wonder what will happen to Dee & I when life happens. Will love last? I can imagine life without loads of people but not without Dee. I plan on being friends even she ends up like Mrs!!! Few people are worth the bullshit! Most are not!!! Mrs is a NO!

Dearest Dee, you are God's gift to me.I like to think you were created to be best friends to me but that would be selfish.  Someday Mrs will look for u...Pls give me the sweet satisfaction of kicking her butt! Let it go...There will be better friends on the long road ahead. Love you babes...

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  1. Wow... wish those were my own eyes!
    But what would you write in the opening paragraph if it were about me?
    Anyways, in life always make room for those who are destined to become history. Let them go. But I have heard that pregnant women can be touchy. You and Dee should give Mrs a call after 9 months, lets see how goes.

  2. Nen, this has been going on since before the bun entered the oven!!! Nine months later, she will tell us her baby is teething...i can do with out such crap!!!