July 31, 2011

Hold on

There are no words to thank my wonderful friends for an amazing time on Friday.

Two days time and i am a year older. Amen.

Dear God, can i ever thank You enough?
Its another year again. Hold my hand. No matter how stubborn or angry i get, hold on please. No matter how many times i let go, hold on. That's all i ask, that you hold onto me and never let me go.
Thank you.

Errr Blogville, its been a whirlwind. I read through some of my old posts and cringe inwardly. Other posts make me blush :) Some others i can barely recognise myself in it.
I wouldn't change anything that has happened this past year, least of all discovering this world. Hold on to me, you guys. Don't let go, not just yet.

Be happy people

Song of the day: Maxwell-Pretty Wings


  1. Happy Birthday Sis. May God continue to help you in the line of purpose and make you be who He has destined you to be.

    - LDP

  2. @Ohj and Professeur...thank you...keep me in your prayers yeah...the rollercoaster has begun...

  3. Happy birthday BlogWife.. Know no other way to reach you.