August 4, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

I am all packed up. Just waiting to get on the plane and leave the life I have always known behind.
Oh, I am such a drama queen! Its not all that bad but hey I am not one to resist the lights, camera, action! Besides what's drama without a whole lot of exaggeration?

I have said goodbyes to the ones that mattered! As for the others, YIMU! I have packed and unpacked. I have read the luggage requirement for my airline a hundred times looking for ways to somehow get past having to pay for extra luggage!

I am ready to start anew but I am not ready to let go of some relics of my past. Its like planting a corn seed and expecting a pineapple plant. The way I see it I am a seedling! Already  rooted in the word of God, the good soil. I have shot out amongst the familiar. Now I am going to be transplanted into an unfamiliar environment. Whether I will succeed or not will depend on me. On whether or not I choose to remain firmly rooted in the reason for my being in the first place.

So there, I am leaving, with my very own flower pot complete with soil in tow. I am gonna make it! 
...come thorns, come rocks, come birds of the air, come what may...I fell on good soil after all..
I am only across the ocean.
if you miss me, breathe in deeply...

Like I said...I love drama...

Lights, camera, action... :)

Song of the day: Fergie-Finally


  1. #Like the way you put it#.I'm a lil behind,but if this is literal,then i certainly wish you the best in the new place.Just as long as you're not leaving this blog behind!

  2. In your own fine words:

    Kiah is Swahili for 'Dawn, Season's beginning'. It is also Greek and Australian for 'Beautiful'. It is pronounced 'Kaya'.

    May your latter end be better than your former. May your endings be even more beautiful than the 'Kiah'.

  3. Leave this blog behind ke? Ah, not for anything!
    Thank you for borrowing my words in prayer :)
    Hope things are looking up for u!

  4. Yeah Yeah,never mind me,i'll be fine jare. Where r u exactly?!

  5. right now? JFK...missed my bloody flight! :)

  6. Nicely scribbled... I once felt like this on two occasions; when I was leaving the shores of Nigeria for Singapore, some 6years back and 3 years ago when I was leaving Singapore for New Zealand...

    Like T.Notes asked.. for real? Where you going?

    - LDP

  7. i made it...bruised but fine!

    i am in Virginia.

  8. Dearest Kiah, you have been quite scarce. Where are you?

  9. Dearest SN, licking my wounds in silence after finding about about your infidelity :D...

    i will be back soon...

  10. Me? Never!!! Come back to me soonest dearest. I have missed you.