July 15, 2011


A lot of people have asked me in the past year or so why i chose the name/pseudonym 'Kiah'.

Its hard to explain. Then again it is the simplest thing in the world.
I first read about the name Kiah in Stephen King's Bag of Bones. Yes, yes, i found my name in a horror book, bite me!!! I have been in love with the name ever since. Aside the fact that it is a beautiful African name and i am proud to be African, its meaning inspired me. I was going through a tough phase in my life. It was so bad that i couldn't remember when things were any better. And that's saying something. I read that Stephen King book and found Kiah and decided to give life and love another go. So far, so good...

Where i come from, names are more than just names. They are pronouncements, they are prayers, they are hopes, they are emotions...Recently my father told me he couldn't have chosen a better name for me than my birth name. He said all he hoped for at my birth, i have become. That is the best thing my father has ever said to me. 

By taking up the name Kiah, i decided to start again and start well. Kiah is Swahili for 'Dawn, Season's beginning'. It is also Greek and Australian for 'Beautiful'. It is pronounced 'Kaya'. 

That last bit will be for most people who think i am named after a car!!!

May your latter end be better than your former. May your endings be even more beautiful than the 'Kiah'.

Song of the day: U2- Beautiful Day


  1. Many years ago I stumbled on an article [apparently there has been some research into 'nominative determinism'] that attempted to demonstrate the correlation between names and success.... Didn't convince me though...

    Interesting story.. and great name too.. Now I know better...

  2. WOW! What a beautiful name - Beautiful Beginning.

    I love it! I love the end part of ur post too.. Corresponds to what we heard in church today. The end phase of a man's life is the most important cos its the end that judges the rest. hmm...

    - LDP

  3. @ TheRustGreek...i would love to read that article...and yes Kiah is a great name . i cant wait to have a little girl and name her already!!

    @Professeur...yes oh..the end judges the rest...like Job, may God prosper our latter more than the former!!!

  4. Amen! I like ur real name too... Damilola :)

    - LDP

  5. Oh dear. Professeur...sigh...you have exposed me oh!!!

  6. Thanks for giving me the next name for my next 'pet' thing.