July 14, 2011

The Sands of Lagos

When i am sad, i go to the beach...Alone.
I sit, walk, stare and I am soon reminded of who my Father is.  It always works and by the time i am ready to say goodbye to the palm trees, my smile is back in its place.

For most people, if they take a girlfriend/boyfriend home to meet their parents, it is the real deal. If i take you to the beach, know i am as crazy about you as i will ever be. (Please note my parents do not live in, on or anywhere near water- I no be mammywater biko!)

Me and water, we have a  love-hate thing going on. My street is still flooded from last Sunday's downpour. Still. Water e no get enemy...

This will be what i will miss the most about my city.

"There are things I can never change.
Like you.
I always left the assumptions at the just.
But the justs have brought justice now."

Song of  the day: Jazzman Olofin - Eko Ile


  1. Luckily, the world is full of beaches to calm you when you feel nostalgic.

  2. There are no beaches in the world like 'my' beaches... Eko Ile

  3. Interesting.. Everyone deserves a hallowed place where they can unwind irrespective of what the issues are.. First time here, I think.. Nice little poem too at the end...

  4. Welcome TheRustGeek. I visit your blog often! Thank you for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.
    The poem at the end isn't mine- I stole it from Seye, please click on the link in this post to read all of it.

  5. ...will have to look out for the (content) lady at the beach next time.

  6. @Rethots...fortunately (or is it unfortunately), i am not sad everyday so it is very unlikely you will catch me on the beach!!! :))