October 19, 2011

I 'Bore' easily


Forgive me Miss Bedingfield...i love your music but i couldn't resist bastardizing your lyrics to express myself this morning.

I bore easily...very easily...i find my mind drifting in class, in conversations with others, in love...

They say if you can admit your problem, you are on your way to a solution. I am going to stop trying not to be bored by others. I am going to focus on me and figure out ways to keep myself intrigued.
I find that the more i rely on others to hold my interest, the more they fall short even when they were not falling short before.

I need to get the blogging MOJO i had back in June/July/August back. With finals approaching, i won't hold my breath. But the rest of you rethots, OhJT.Notes have absolutely no excuse for these sparse posts you put up. Freaking get back to blogging and holding my interest...


Song of the day: Tracy Chapman - If not now


  1. LOL... With finals approaching.. Hmmm...
    Good luck finding the mojo o...
    - LDP

  2. Chalk it up to a hyper active mind.... You should try a year of articulating every thought you have...... Oh and I have been busy winding down for the year.. Early days I know, but I suspect I have earned it. :)

  3. lol....i bore easily too, i'm used to it already so i just let my mind wander off cept when i'm in class - which is xtremely difficult sef. lol...my friends already know, so when i get that glazy dreamy sort of look in my eyes, they just stop talking or wait for me to snap back to listening to them. lol...its bad i know, but oh well!