October 22, 2011


Clearing the cobwebs in my brain ... :)

So today i attended my first American football game today. My Catalonian blood boils at the very thought but i find that men in tights appeal very much to me. I will be attending many more... :)

The leaves are turning orange and brown and beautiful. it is my first autumn. It is like everything i saw in the movies and read in the books. Remember Autumn in New York, anyone? sigh...

I have nothing else to report. My muse has gone on to somewhere warmer. She will be back. She can't live without me or so i tell myself. I have written loads of stuff that i am keeping to myself these days. I fear to put them up here would mean to show my vulnerability and we cannot have that, now can we? Mostly i fear that to post them would force me to confront all the stuff i rather not deal with. What can i say? I am the bravest coward there is.

There is a tattoo in my head
It is of your smile
I have forgotten everything else
But the curve of your lips
Time heals all wounds
But it forgets to cover up the scars
It is why after 9 years
I still see your smile in every beautiful woman.

Song of day: Cher-Believe

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. My school got trashed (nicely put)today but oh well...

    I hope you're doing well.